Choosing Wedding Photography Locations

We’re constantly asked; “How to choose good photography locations.”

The short answer is, your photographer should know all the best places to best align you with your desired photography outcomes. I don’t think there are many places left in Australia that we haven’t photographed a wedding or two over the last twenty years.

If you would like to choose your own locations, there are a couple of options.

  1. Think about locations that mean something to you. For example where you first kissed, first date, love to visit or even like the look of.
  2. Another option is to consider driving along the route between your ceremony and reception venues to see if there are any places you would like to have your photos. This will minimise the travel and increase the photography time. After the wedding you’ll be grateful for the additional memories.
  3. When considering your locations, always keep in mind the possibility of rain. Its wise to choose a good rain location. If you don’t know any your photographer should be able to assist you. We have identified and catalogued thousands of fantastic dry and wet locations to obtain optimal results from the location photoshoot time.

The best advice we can offer anyone planning a wedding is to try and keep your ceremony, preferred photoshoot locations and receptions close together. That’s unless you have made significant time allowances for travel. When you’re sitting in your car traveling to locations the coverage clock is ticking, and when you’re traveling there’s no images being taken. So to get the most our of your wedding photography, you should consider reducing travel time as much as possible. The option that provides the best value which has increased in popularity significantly in the last 5 years is to have your ceremony and reception on the same property. We understand this is not always possible.

Use Google Maps to estimate all your travel times. Check capital city notifications of major events to ensure there won’t be road closures or major traffic on the day of your wedding. It’s not up to your suppliers to do this, it’s your responsibility.

Choose photography locations you feel a connection to. Such as parks, beaches etc or other locations that have an emotional meaning for you. Just try as best you can to keep everything close.

When you confirm your booking with MMG our client support team can guide you support you and offer you location and travel advice whenever you need it.



Ben is the National Operations Manager responsible for day-to-day management.  He is a talented videographer, photographer and editor.