Christopher + Alessa

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View their story album by clicking the right arrow.


“We were out at a club in Wollongong on a Wednesday night 6 years ago with a group of friends. Unknown to us, we had the same group of friends, and one night I approached Christopher and said ‘hi.’ And to my annoyance, Christopher ignored me.”

On first impressions:

Alessa: I thought Christopher was quiet and shy at first the complete opposite from me.

Christopher: I thought Alessa was very loud and easily spoke her mind.


“Christopher and I went to a lookout in Wollongong where we used to hang out before we moved. The 2nd of January, Christopher proposed to me and without a doubt in my mind I jumped on him and said ‘yes’ before he could even finish asking me. Then, we almost lost the ring down the lookout.

We both were over the moon about being engaged and relieved that he asked finally and Christopher was relieved that I said yes and that he was able to get the question out.”


“The wedding day was full of happy emotions and sad for those who couldn’t be there but mainly, we had a ball with everyone celebrating our special day with us.”

Alessa: I felt nervous for most of the day. I had a few teary moments, but as soon as I started to walk down the aisle and see Christopher there, I couldn’t have been happier. I didn’t care if it rained, hailed or shine by that point because I knew by the end of the day, I would be with my soulmate for the rest of my life.

Christopher: I felt nervous in the morning knowing I would be married by the afternoon, but more nervous that everything wouldn’t be perfect for my wife to be. Once I saw Alessa walking down the aisle to me, I knew everything would be perfect from then on no matter what.

“The most memorable part for both of us was that we got to say our vows and fulfilling that promise in front of family and friends.”

Wedding Date

01 March 2019

Wedding Venue
  • Pacific Beach Function Centre
Key Suppliers
  • Wedding Photography and Cinema: MMG Photo + Cinema
  • Entertainment: WE R DJS
  • Wedding Coordinator: Coastal Event