Christopher + Codie

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View their story album by clicking the right arrow.


Codie was working with two year-8 boys and Christopher was covering their sewing class. The four of them spent the whole lesson chatting while the rest of the class worked.

On first impressions:

Christopher: “She’s a bit alright.” 

Codie: “We both just thought the other one was only interested in being friends while we were both actually hoping for something more.”


“On the 7th of December 2016, we were supposed to go and get our boat license. I was exhausted after spending a week on excursion, so Christopher let me sleep in as much as possible. He woke me up and holding a Michael Hill box, he asked, “Do you want an early Christmas present?” I got excited and asked if it was a new charm for my bracelet, and he told me to open it and look. I excitedly put the ring on, we hugged and then I told him, “You’ve actually gotta ask me to marry you,” and he did. I said yes. Christopher went on to get his boat license and I went back to sleep before visiting my mum to share the news.”


“We were both pretty relaxed and whenever we felt nervous or stressed, we both resorted to humour to keep those feelings at bay. First seeing each other was pretty memorable. Standing in the rain, trying to capture the amazing lightening show. Laughing, being our cunty selves! Laying under the starts after everyone else had gone to bed. Getting out of my wedding dress and into a T-shirt and shorts as soon as the photographers left!”

Wedding Date

31 December 2018

Wedding Venue
  • Adams Peak Country Estate Broke NSW
Key Suppliers
  • Wedding Photographer: MMG Photo + Cinema
  • Wedding Videographer: Caitlin Schokker
  • Catering: Monkey Place Catering
  • Bar: Williams & Co