Jesse + Jae-Cherie

View their story album by clicking the right arrow.

View their story album by clicking the right arrow.


“It was the Tamworth Country Music Festival and Jesse was playing a gig that me and my friends decided to go to. We had always known of each other but never actually met until 2015 at the Longyard Hotel where I had seen him and his band playing. And after the gig, I sent him a message on Facebook. He didn’t reply until the next day, and then I went to his next few gigs and it just went from there!

I was captivated by him straight away! And he says that I was always the girl he had a crush on that he had seen around, but he never had the balls to speak to me haha!”


“It was on the 2nd December 2017, I thought we were just going on a wine tour with all our friends, but little did I know that he had organised everything so perfectly and discreetly! We went to Tallavera Grove Winery where he had his sister who I admire out there singing my favourite song and getting everyone in for a “group photo” when he grabbed me to have a photo of just us first. I was there posing for the photo and he started saying all this sweet stuff to me, and I told him to shut up because he was embarrassing me hahaha. And then, it clicked! Once I saw his eyes start to tear up and he began to kneel down, I just absolutely lost it and became a blabbering mess! I was so surprised and so happy!”


“It was such a beautiful day, but went so quickly! I wish I could re-live it over and over again.”

Wedding Date

16 February 2019

Wedding Venue
  • Kumbogie Woolsheds, Tamworth
Key Suppliers
  • Wedding Photography: MMG Photo + Cinema