Problems Solved

Every couple we speak to in relation to wedding photo and cinema tell us; ” It’s so confusing, there are so many photographers online offering different levels of service and inclusions”. Can you relate to this? The biggest problem for couples today is that due to camera technology advancements, it’s now far easier to take photos than ever before. As a result, there are now tens of thousands of “would be” photographers all trying to earn your business as a wedding photographer.

Most couples make the mistake of going for the cheapest or the one who offers the most, but neither means you will receive quality images. Some make an even bigger mistake of choosing friends of family to shoot their wedding. The smartest way to find a true connection with the right photographer is through their work. If you feel a deep and strong connection to their work and this is your first priority, you’re on your way to making the right decision. And when we say connection to their work, we don’t just mean 20 photos on their website. In fact, a small selection of individually chosen images advertised on a photographers website is a warning sign to all couples. Don’t be fooled by a handful of carefully selected, highly photoshopped “best of the best” images. You need to see large bodies of work over a long period of time. Posture, lighting, facial expressions and natural interaction are all part of what a talented professional wedding photographer does. To find the right connection you need to see full weddings displayed in an album format to gauge consistency, storytelling ability, and technical depth of knowledge. It’s also wise to ensure your photographer has a strong social media following, as today social media plays a huge role in protecting consumers dodgy business practices.

At MMG Photo Cinema we have solved the problems most couples have when choosing the right wedding photographer.

  • AFFORDABILITY – SOLVED: We offer incredible value for money considering the elite results we’ll produce for you. We even offer interest-free payment plans to reduce your financial stress and protect you by delivering BEFORE being required to pay your balance.
  • EXPERIENCE – SOLVED: We have over 20 years experience in capturing wedding images around Australia. There isn’t a nationality or religious denomination we aren’t familiar with. We offer a large body of work online for you to compare our skill and abilities.
  • RELIABILITY – SOLVED: This is a passion for us. We’re a professional full-time wedding dedicated business. This is not a hobby or part-time venture for us, it’s our life. You won’t find a deeper level of committment anywhere else.
  • SERVICE STANDARDS – SUPERIOR: – A dedicated bride support team to respond quickly to your messages and emails. Please check the genuine reviews and facebook page.

If you have questions or need support in finding the right photographer, give us a call on 0405 622 499 anytime. We’re always happy to share our knowledge and expereience with you.