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MMG Photo+Cinema
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by Matthew + Kayce on MMG Photo+Cinema

MMG were hired for photo and cinema. We were lucky enough to have Sam work with us for our engagement shoot as well as our wedding. He was so easy going and made this 'awkward in front of the camera' couple feel so relaxed and at ease every time! It was also pretty cool to see the drone at work.

We had been looking at quite a few possible photographers for our wedding. Between the amazing samples in their gallery, reviews, the package, the simplicity of going through one supplier for cinema and photos, all the possible add ons to tailor it to what we were after as well as being a local group, having back-up photographers (no risk of someone being sick and not showing up) and the option for the interest-free payment plan, it was honestly a no-brainer! The guys were amazing on the day and we loved the fact that we were able to have an engagement shoot with one of our photographers beforehand to get us a little more exposed and comfortable in front of the camera so that we weren't so awkward and stiff on the big day.

Sam was amazing! So easygoing with a relaxed nature that just calms the whole situation. He was just happy for us to go about things normally, have fun and he'd just give us small tips and direction if it was needed. They controlled the day so well, making sure to capture so many beautiful memories.

It's true what they say... the emotions really do come flooding back! It was all absolutely breathtaking. We were probably more emotional looking at our photos and videos because you really get the chance to take it all in and re-live such a special day without being preoccupied with other thoughts or things still to do. And you don't realise how much of the day you missed until you go back through them and see some wonderful moments you may not have witnessed on the day!

by Dane + Chelsea on MMG Photo+Cinema

“Booking with MMG was extremely easy. Before we booked, we had a thorough talk with them about what was included, what they offered, what were the extras, etc, which made us feel confident with them. It was also very considerate that after we Skyped to discuss the possibility of booking, they hung up so we could privately discuss before taking our final decision. Once we had booked them, communication was easy. They answered all our questions and were quick to respond. Plus, if we wanted to add to our package, their portal was extremely easy to use and to do so. They also helped greatly with a few bits and pieces that we couldn’t answer for the venue, specifically for us, in regards to the drone, which greatly helped.

We chose MMG for a number of reasons. They offered both photography and video, they were informative and clear about what they offered, their portal made everything easy in regards to what we had, and what else we could purchase, people who had used them had good things to say, but most importantly, we like their work.

On the wedding day, MMG staff were on time, respectful, fun to work with and knew what they were doing. They also were able to instruct us on what they wanted, thought was a good idea, but also did what we wanted, and took our ideas on board. The team were lots of fun and only added to the day instead of making photos a chore.

We were extremely happy with our photos when we saw them for the first time, they were amazing. We viewed them so many times with everyone who wanted to sit down with us, which makes us even more excited to see our wedding video when it is ready!”

by Rachel on MMG Photo+Cinema

Overall we are very happy with our experience with MMG. The booking process was easy, although at times we did get confused about what was included in our package and what was required in our multiple appointments throughout the process.

On the day we had such a fabulous team, Chris, Sam, Tim and Laura. They made us laugh, and they were wonderful to work with.

Viewing our photos and having all our information on the portal has been fantastic and our photos are absolutely beautiful.

We could not be happier, and had so many compliments from our guests about how wonderful the MMG team were.

by Jesse + Jae-Cherie on MMG Photo+Cinema

“Booking with MMG was an enjoyable and easy process! We loved our photos.”

by Nathan + Jo on MMG Photo+Cinema

“The booking went fairly easily, though we did get a bit confused sometimes as to what was included in the package; however, the MMG team were always happy to help out with questions.

We chose the team because their online profile was so lovely. The team on the day were great to work with and we had an absolute ball playing around with them in the photo-making process.

It was very nice to finally see the lovely images and view what had happened on the day. They have started making their way through the family lines.”

by Michael + Mariela on MMG Photo+Cinema

“Booking with you guys was easy and so good that we didn’t have to go anywhere, we could do it over Skype. Ben was very good and explained everything to us.

Living rural was always with obstacles, but MMG was prepared to come out to our farm and that is why we chose them. Both Ben and Chris were fantastic on the day and made us feel at ease.

We were very excited to see our day in photos and were so in awe in things we hadn’t noticed on the day and were able to notice on the photos.”

by Nicolas + Evette on MMG Photo+Cinema

“Booking with the team was easy. Booking the pre-shoots were great and the photographers made us comfortable. The team were outstanding and very helpful. We engaged with MMG through other friends that used them as well.”

by Michael + Almira on MMG Photo+Cinema

Booking was easy. Tim was very informative and made booking a breeze. Christal was amazing to deal with from the Bride Support, and the whole process up to the wedding was good.

We chose MMG because of their payment option and they offer a big package for the price you pay. Looking at the website, we loved the quality of the imagery and cinematography. The team on the day were fantastic and so easy to relate with especially Jason as we also had him for our engagement shoot. They all made us feel relaxed and comfortable during the photo shoot and went above and beyond to capture the perfect images.

Viewing the photos, our first thought was “Wow!” The images looked amazing and we can’t wait to get the official copies.

by Christopher + Codie on MMG Photo+Cinema

Ben and Chris were brilliant! They made us laugh and got our humour. We couldn’t have asked for two individuals more suited to us. They put up with our silliness & captured some treasured moments. We could not recommend Ben and Chris (CrossFit Chris) highly enough.

Christopher was in charge of booking the photographer as it was “his wedding too!”
He left it very late & MMG were the only photographers who had nice photos & were available on New Years.

Viewing our photos online was a great experience & allowed us to relive our wedding day!

by Jack + Jessica on MMG Photo+Cinema

Having MMG a part of our day was so seamless and perfect. Right from the beginning, they have been extremely inviting and extremely responsive. They have helped us through every second of the process and always responded straightaway.

We really liked the website and what was offered and couldn’t look any further. We had Sam and Chris on the day and they were absolute legends. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

On the day, we could not have asked for better photographers to be involved in our day. Our photographers were absolutely amazing and made the day just that much more incredible.

When we saw our photos, it was like reliving the moments all over again. They captured moments that we didn’t even know happened and the emotion and love they captured were beyond beautiful.

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